Sunday, March 9, 2008

Welcome To The "Flaco" Trial Blog

Welcome to the "Flaco" Trial Blog. This blog will be used to keep you informed on the latest happenings in the trial of Wesley Molina-Cirino as it progresses. NEWSChannel 2's David Dellecese will be live in the courtroom starting on Tuesday and will update this blog with minute-to-minute happenings.

As you may remember, NEWSChannel 2 brought you the "Healy" Trial Blog during the legal proceedings against Toussaint Davis, the man who was involved in the murder of Office Joe Corr in February of 2006. Be sure to take a look at that blog to get a sneak peak at what we will include in this one. As being involved with NEWSChannel 2 Blogging from the beginning, it is evident that we broke ground with this blog in the realm of local news coverage of this infamous trial. We strive to see the same success with the "Flaco" Trial Blog.

Molina-Cirino is the man accused of shooting Utica Police Officer Thomas Lindsey in April. Lindsey was gunned down on April 12, 2007, while conducting a routine traffic stop on Neilson street. The prosecution and defense have been preparing for this trial for months. Several hearings have been held including a Wade hearing last week to determine whether a witness could positively identify Cirino.

The prosecution's star witness, Sammy Manuel Rivera, is the man said to have been in the car Lindsey pulled over the night he was killed. Rivera agreed to testify, resulting in the dismissal of all charges he faced. It's unknown how long it will take to seat a jury in this case; it could possibly take all day Monday.