Thursday, March 20, 2008

Deliberations: Judge tells jurors to try and deliberate more

Judge Barry Donalty addressed jurors and told them that if they don't reach a unanimous agreement, a new trial will have to be scheduled with a new jury. He told them it is not uncommon for jurors to believe theat they will never reach a verdict.

The judge also said that he's not asking any juror to violate his own conscious, or to just agree with the conclusion of others. But he did he tell them not to let pride or stubborness get in the way and make them adhere to a conclusion that is no longer correct. He asked them to listen to their fellow jurors, and to deliberate some more.

The disappointment as no decision is reached is visible on the faces of the police officers.

Wesley Molina-Cirino faces the charge of aggravated murder, which could mean life in prison with no parole.

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