Thursday, March 20, 2008

Deliberations: Jury makes several requests

No verdict yet in the Flaco trial.

Just before 9:30 this morning, the jury sent out a series of notes, making several requests. Jurors aren't allowed to talk, so they have to write everything down and have a note sent to the judge.

The first request ... they asked to see all photographs received into evidence. They have been provided with those.

They also wanted Officer Lindsey's "radio dispatch" during the traffic stop of Sammy Rivera. Judge Barry Donalty said he assumed that meant the audio transmissions. If so, that will be provided.

Jurors also wanted a paper or hard copy of the transcript of the June 6 interrogation of Wesley Molina Cirino (AKA Flaco) by police.

The judge is going to ask for them to clarify what portions they want, because those interrogations are 6 hours long.

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